About Jerry – Jerry Hodge

Jerry Hodge - With Beard

The Three Most Important Things

I’m a designer. I’m an artist. I love tacos.

A Little More About Me

My name is Jerry Hodge. I’m a designer living in Kansas City. I also have a ginormous beard. You might have seen it. Outside of the unrelenting desire for tacos, I find pleasure in creating things. I’m a maker — branding, logos, app designs, all the way to painting, photography, and poetry.

Art has always been my passion, but it’s really hard to sell enough poems to pay rent. Thankfully, I was turned on to graphic design when I was in high school. I received my first degree (from an unaccredited school, ugh) back in 2000. Since then, I’ve been having a blast building my design knowledge chasing after mastery.

Track Me Down

You can track me down this way:

+1 (816) 223-2852

You can also find more of my work and words here:

My Design Philosophy

wonderment & excitement